The history and origin of the Eastern Bird Breeders Association, the EBBA goes back to 1974.

The  founding members of this fledgling avian organization, wanted to pursue  and enjoy their avocation with others, who shared the same enthusiasm  and passion for birds and bird breeding.

Charter members came from Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

Some  of the first members were Don Payne, Reg Damais, Norm Johnston , Jim  Richard, Gerry Strik, Willard McCormick, Bill Huton and Bill Larocque.

The  association soon recognized the need to formulate their mission and in  1977 director Jerry Smith drafted constitution for the EBBA. The first  bylaws were approved by the directors at a General meeting on November  20, 1977

Some significant milestones during the first years of  existence of the club were the election of the first slate of officers  in 1978, the first year book in 1978, the first bird show in 1978, the  first financial crisis 1979 and the purchase of the first copier to  print the bulletin in 1980.

Past President Marcel Lafrance  published a list of "main events of the past twenty years in the  November 1994 bulletin. It presented a bird’s eye view of a very strong  and growing organization from 1974 until 1994.

The  club has always had men and women of vision. They recognized the need  for sound leadership and constant communication. The bond of friendship  and goodwill is obvious to anyone who has ever attended a regular  meeting or a special function.

It would be difficult to keep  track of the countless hours, given to the club by past and present  presidents, treasurers, vice presidents, secretaries, directors,  sales-chairpersons and members.

Members of the EBBA have supported each other in good times and bad. 

Club  and personal disasters and mishaps are freely discussed at the meetings  or in the bulletin. Honest opinions are welcomed and as a result the  club grows and flourishes in a healthy financial and cultural  atmosphere.

EBBA  is entering the 21st century, supporting renewed interest in bird  breeding and all the facets of raising poultry. Spring and Fall Auctions  provide an opportunity for Club members to sell their birds and provide  access for general public to purchase good quality birds, some of which  are imported from outside of the EBBA area to enlarge genetic base and  introduce varieties not available locally.

The executive is  dedicated and the members are loyal. The Club has found a recipe for  success, thus ensuring its future and fulfillment of its premise. 



Don Pyne     1976 - 1977
Reg Dumais     1977 - 1979
Gerry Strik     1979 - 1981
Marcel Lafrance     1981 - 1983
George Winters     1983 - 1983
Doug Whyte     1983 - 1984

Marcel Lafrance     1984 - 1984
Elsie Doolan     1984 - 1985
John Van de Ven     1985 - 1987
Tony Byvelds      1987 - 1993
Marcel Lafrance     1993 - 1995
Ron Brodeur     1995 - 1999
Gerry Oleynik     1999 - 2001
Valerie Aaron      2001 - 2003
Ron Brodeur      2003 - 2005
John Van de Ven     2005 - 2007
Ron Brodeur     2007 - 2010
Marcel Lafrance     2010 - 2014
Lee Carruthers      2014 – 2016

Marcel Lafrance     2016 - 2019

George Hunter 2019 - Present